New House, Cotswolds

New House, Cotswolds

Work in progress for a new house in a village in the Cotswolds.

Inspired by the way local farmhouses are built in clusters, this house is arranged into three distinct volumes. These three volumes appear as three separate houses: a ‘sleeping’ house, a ‘living’ house, and a ‘service’ house, connected by glass links. By breaking up the house into three distinct volumes of differing height and size, the perceived mass of the house is reduced. The forms created are of a similar size and scale to nearby properties. The layout of the volumes creates two external courtyard spaces: A front courtyard, which helps serve to set-back the mass of the house away from the street, and a rear South-West facing garden.


The material palette of dry rubble Cotswold lime stone, glass and Cotswold limestone tiles, has been borrowed from the local architecture, but detailed in a contemporary manner.

Project Details


Under Construction